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Команды GM на Java серверах

Добавлено  sam 2008-04-28 16:55:46 в Lineage 2 

<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt"><SPAN lang=EN-US style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt; COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma; mso-ansi-language: EN-US">//reset_respawn
//escape - escape to nearest town
//gmchat - chat only to GMs online
//setparam - see bottom of list
//set_door_hp - set the castle doors HP
//ride - available to everyone in a server with styrders of wyverns, made to /mount
//killnpc - kills selected mob, or even imobile NPC, ie store, Gk ect...
//show_castle_door_hp - shows the doors hp derrr
//controltower_levelup - make the headquarters for seige stronger
//door_levelup - make door stronger
//set_interval_announce - sets the time between each of the announcements to repeat
//disband <clan> - delete clan.(Clan should not consist in an alliance or is in a condition of war)
//snoop <nik> <on/off> - Espionage of the player.
//quiet [on | off] Set world chat on/off. When ON noone can type except announce.
//spawn_npcs count ai
//summonnpc - summons an NPC
//summon2 - (ex: //summon2 50 dagger) will summon a +50 dagger
//summon - //summon dagger or //summon dagger 50 summons item and # of the item after
//whisper - //whisper on/off able to accept whispers from players or not
//gmspeed - sets how fast GM moves
//hide - goes into hide
//undying - god mode
//diet - overwieght dont matter
//setbuilder - //setbuilder 1 joebob, sets GM lvl 1 to a person
//delannounce - see rikku
//setannouncesee rikku
//announce - send a message to the entire server
//kick - kicks a player off the server
//teleportto - brings u to a player, use Alt+G
//sendhome - sends a player home, no idea if its just random or not
//recall - brings a player to u
//servername - changes the server name derrrr
//updatecastleincome - checks how much money a castle makes
//settax - change the amount of tax on the castles town
//setcastleincome - sets how much a castle makes
//leavepetimsg - for petition system, never used it
//cancelgmpeti - for petetion system, never used it
//ping - pings the server
//gmliston - puts GM on active Gm list for server
//stoplogin - turns off login server
//setclass - get class id and set a player class to anything, ie: orc spellsinger lol
//setkarma - see rikku
//killme - die die die
//gmon - turns all features of a GM
//healthy - on other player or oneself, make hp/mp full
//reset_skill - delets all skills in ones player, or selected charcter
//reset_npc_db - reloads the npc database
//set_skill_all - sets all skills for ones class that one is
//create_pet - 1,2,3 wolf or hatchling summons that work
//partytel - teleports current party to u
//telbookmark - teleports u to selected bookmark
//delbookmark - deletes a bookmark that u set
//addbookmark - adds a bookmark teleport to whereever u set it
//who - view how many people on server, stores, playing, max on all day
//delskill - deletes a certain skill that u choose (//delskill 99)
//setskill - sets a skill with certain id that u choose //setskill 99 3 (//setskill skillid skillLvl)
//setparam - variables:

WIT 0-99
MEN 0-99
INT 0-99
CON 0-99
DEX 0-99
STR 0-99

//SP - set the amount of sp a person has
//EXP - sets the amount of exp a person has
//Level - sets the persons level
//set_interval_announce [start | end | add | del] [interval] [id] [message] - manages announces that repeating with time:
[id] - 1-6
[interval] - might be 10, 20, 30, 40, etc
below //s = /set_interval_announce

//s - list all announces
//s /? - help message. Also current status (is announces showing or stopped);
//s end - START announces if there any.
//s start - STOPS announces. They must be stopped before deleting them. Yes, "start" stops them and "end" starts. dunno why.
//s add <interval> <id> [message] - ex: //s add 30 1 Have a nice playing. - this adds announce with id=1 and interval 30 mins

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2009-05-17 20:42:16

норм спс :D

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2009-08-16 22:10:51

омг //gmspeed [0..5] ---менять скорость кул уже и 5 появилось....ээ..просто нет слов ))

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2009-08-28 21:56:23

какой олень писал эти команды ^_^

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2009-08-29 00:09:32

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